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How to get to the island of Aeroe

There is no bridge to Aeroe. It is an island, which means to get to it you have to sail or fly.

There is an airfield on Aeroe, so it is possible to fly.

There are some very experienced kayakers that row from Germany, but usually sailors choose sailboats and yachts, as Aeroe is part of an island archipelago in friendly sailing waters. The island also boasts 3 friendly marinas!

For less exotic travel, for example by car or public transport, there are 3 ferry ports, 2 on funen, in the cities of Fåborg and Svendborg and one close to the Danish/German border at Fynshav on the island of Als. All 3 ferries take cars, bikes and foot passengers. You will be asked to purchase a ticket after boarding the ferry. See ferry timetables.


Ariving by car

If you are arriving by car, make sure to reserve space on the ferry. For prices and reservations visit Ærø Ferries. For handicap vehichle reservations call or email your requirements.

There is free parking all over Aeroe, however space is limited in the towns. it is possible to buy petrol, diesel and to charge your car on the island.


Public transport

Public transport can get you to each of the 3 ferry harbors.

  • If arriving in Denmark by plane, either in Copenhagen’s Kastrup Airport or Jutland’s Billund Airport, it will be easiest and quickest to travel to Svendborg to catch a ferry.
  • If you choose to celebrate Copenhagen pride and travel to Aeroe the following Sunday morning, you may either want to travel to Svendborg or Fåborg harbour. 
  • If arriving from Germany, you will want to travel to Fynshav harbour. (NB. if you are coming from Flensburg, the 110 bus leaves Flensburg ZOB at 1208, change in Sønderborg for the 225 and you will make the ferry leaving Fynshav at 1420.)

For detailed information see journey planner, public trainspublic busesprivate buses and Aeroe Ferries.

When using the journey planner or public trains website:

  • Copenhagen main train station will appear as København H
  • Svendborg ferry harbour is Svenborg Færgehavn
  • Fåborg Ferry harbour is Faaborg Havn (Færge) 
  • Fynshav Ferry Harbour is Fynshav Havn (færge); Fynshav Færgehavn (bus); or  Fynshav Færgehavn (færge)

If you are a group of 10 or more, the festival will be able to arrange for a private bus, please contact us if that is the case. 


How to move around on Aeroe

Public busses on Aeroe are free. They will also transport bpassengeres' bicycles when there is space.

Busses go once every hour. Busses leave Søby and Marstal harbors on the hour and leave Ærøskøbing harbor in both directions half past the hour.

Find the bus schedule and map here: Aeroe bus schedule

If you arrive by ferry on foot or with your bicycle, you will be able to catch a bus soon thereafter. Note, if you do not catch this bus, you will have to wait an hour.

Festival activities are planned to start and end so that bus transport is possible.



Aeroe is a lovely island to bicycle on. The terrain is quite hilly, except for the route from Marstal to Ærøskøbing, which takes about 1 hour. It is possible to rent bicycles on the island, however, not for small children.



You may bring your car to Aeroe. Note: if you are bringing a car on the ferry make sure to reserve a space (see above).

Parking is free. You are encouraged to park outside of the old town centers in Marstal and Ærøskøbing.



It’s lovely to walk on Aeroe, and often a necessity. That is why it may be a good idea to prioritize bringing a stroller or a pram if you have small children or babies. Small scooters or push-bikes are also useful for small legs, as are carriers.

Note: activities for small children are planned with a slow movement tempo in mind, and therefore close to bus stops.

Many buildings have poor wheelchair access and the cobblestones that are so charming in the old part of Ærøskøbing are difficult to traverse in a chair that is not electric.  If traveling with a wheelchair or walker, plan to spend extra time on transport.