Photo: Ellen Vallentin Christiansen



We have decided to cancel the 2018 festival due to too few participants. We will instead put all energy into making the festival a reality in 2019.

It’s always a risk creating something new: Are people going to think it’s a good idea? Are people going to wait to see if it’s a success before coming? Will people think it’s fun? - We can happily say that the support has been overwhelmingly positive, both locally and internationally. However, getting from 0 to Aeroe with kids and family commitments needs more time and planning, that’s why we believe that next year we’ll make the count!

We are working to improve our efforts and have listened to comments we have received: easier transport, accommodations close to other participants, the opportunity to buy reduced price tickets, and a way of being able to be sure that there are enough participants early enough to be able to plan an alternative! So, thanks to many of you, we know what to work on! Sign up for our newsletter and stay updated.

Let us know if you have any other ideas that would make participation easier for you, and we hope to see you all next year on Aeroe!

You can start to plan now, by marking the dates, see you from the 26th of July to the 2nd of August 2019!


Hygge, fun and LGBTQ+ community

A family holiday requires time, and because of that the festival program leaves room to do exactly what your rainbow family desires at a tempo that suits you, be it kayaking in the ocean, a bicycling by the sea, strolling through historical towns or simply throwing stones into the surf.

We gather to feel the strength in our international LGBTQ+ community, to be mirrored and to make friends. That’s why the festival will include activities where LGBTQ+ families, or their members individually, can have fun with others and make new friends. You might choose an all-ages party with games from times of old; a family football match; a fishing trip, morning runs, learning to knit or any number of other activities that are fun and can break the ice when meeting new people.

But there will also be room for more informal meet-ups, with ‘hygge-spots’ for various age groups, where children can play and parents can relax, get a cup of tea, practice the Danish art of hygge and chat with new friends and each other.


Culture from and about our LGBTQ+ community - smarter, happier and stronger!

Let’s be entertained, challenged and strengthened. The cultural program will include talks, the arts and participatory events. This opening year’s focus will be on Danish culture. The program will aim to include events that highlight various views about and from within LGBTQ+ lives as well as intersectional aspects reflecting other diversities in our LGBTQ+ communities.

English will be the primary language during the festival, with an awareness of most participants speaking English as a second language and children not having extensive English skills.


Who is Aeroe Rainbow Family Festival for?

Aeroe Rainbow Family Festival is for all LGBTQ+ families. That is, for families in which children, parents or grandparents identify as LGBTQ+: all sexual minorities and gender minorities, homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, transgender, transsexual, queer, intersex, etc. All religions, races, ethnicities and abilities are more than welcome, as our intersectional realities play a big role in the lives of our children: having, for example, a black lesbian mother, is an important part of a child’s reality.

Families may be out or live their lives passing. Families may be old with teenage children who may want to share experiences with like-minded peers. Families may be new to the community, with a person who may just have come out, or may be grown-ups who may just have decided to have children together and take part with hopes that babies are on the way.

Participants do not need to identify as LGBTQ+ to participate. Allies are welcome. Also non LGBTQ+ persons who are members of a rainbow family, for example cisgender heterosexual grandparents, may choose to bring their grandchildren, leaving LGBTQ+ parents at home