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Teenagers only! - Kayaking


Teenagers only! - Kayaking
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Try your hand at kayaking. No prior experience necessary, all levels welcome.

Expect to get wet! 

Expect to have fun!


Part of the Teenager-only program - for kids of approximately 13-18 years old but no parents allowed! (Adult supervision will be present).

Teenagers need time off - that is, away from their adults!
During the festival they will have the opportunity to get to know each other and have parent-free time! Take part in all 4 activities or pick and choose.



The teenager-only program includes
• Photo treasure hunt all across the island, you'll have to make your own way by bus and by foot.
• 2 hours Kayaking for the whole teenager group
• Try your hand at tree-climbing, making dinner over an open fire and sleeping in the outdoors. 
• Build a raft - and see if it floats.