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Workshop: International Family Equality Day (IFED) An international day for diversity and recognition of all families


Workshop: International Family Equality Day (IFED) An international day for diversity and recognition of all families
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International Family Equality Day

Location: Mamrelund, Pilebækken 30, 5970 Ærøskøbing

In this 90 minute workshop, participants will learn about IFED's great political and social impact. Through examples of best practices you will be able to organize IFED in your country or city.

Rainbow families are growing, gaining visibility and increasingly enjoying social and legal recognition, but their levels of recognition still differ widely around the globe. In some countries rainbow families enjoy equal rights and social recognition, while in others, for instance some Eastern European, Latin American and most African and Asian countries, same-sex parents and their children have to live in hiding in order to avoid blatant discrimination, including the threat of violence.

Since 2012 the International Family Equality Day is celebrated on the first Sunday in May all over the world. On this day, family diversity becomes visible and can be experienced. Society and politicians become sensitized to the need for equal treatment and recognition of all family forms. This international day of rainbow families not only puts the spotlight on sexual orientation and gender diversity within a family, it also provides LGBTQ+ parents and their children, as well as straight allies, with the opportunity to celebrate their family and community.

The International Family Equality Day provides the opportunity to strengthen rainbow families by highlighting family diversity and allowing the creation of alliances with representatives from public services, institutions and politicians in order to foster the recognition of all families.

The workshop will focus on sharing best practice from different countries with different legal rights and levels of social recognition. Through these examples participants will discuss various possibilities for possible implementation of IFED in their own countries, cities and organizations.

Furthermore the IFED celebration Annual Report 2017 will be used as a practical toolkit to address lobbying strategies as a means to strengthen the visibility of rainbow families around the world.

Who is it for?
For individuals or LGBTIQ-Associations who wish to strengthen rainbow families in their countries and bring forward the visibility of family diversity.

Bus stop: Any around Ærøskøbing town, max. 10 min. walk

Busses leave Ærøskøbing harbor in the direction of:

  • Søby 30 past the hour until 19:30 – hereafter 20:26, 21:26 and 22:23
  • Marstal 30 past the hour until 19:30 – hereafter 20:26, 21:17 and 22:23